D3 Collaboration

Our D3 Collaboration software is our specialist education and teaching software. It has excellent subject driven tools and has a strong focus on lesson support and content, connectivity and interactivity. Using our D3 Collaboration allows you to make your lessons truly interactive and inspiring to learners of all ages. Use our D3 Collaboration software to make your classes more inclusive, more creative and more engaging.


Present, interact, respond, share annotations, and take notes using any connected tablet or laptop.


Pose questions and gain immediate participant feedback from the class. Display the results instantly, annotate them and share with connected devises.


Annotate over browser content, documents, existing applications or programs easily. Also compatible with our EZ Pen.


  • STANDARD TOOLS : Our D3 Collaboration gives our users access to a variety of drawing, editing and annotating tools. Highlight, create shapes, write text and zoom. Users can also enter the media gallery and choose from over 3000 images and animations. Tools are also available to capture audio, video and static images, plus a handy onscreen keyboard is available for whenever you need it.
  • MATH TOOLS : Math is the poetry of logical ideas. Our Math Tool is one of our special subject driven tools. It셲 specifically designed for math lessons and learning. It includes numeracy tools that allow you to create your own sums and measurement tools that can draw, display and measure angles on any shape. You can also make graphs, create number grids and fraction generators. It셲 designed to make math more fun, interactive and engaging.
  • LITERACY TOOLS : A life can be changed by a single book or poem. Our Literacy Tool is packed full of fun games to play and help children and young adults learn to read and write. You can use it to play word searches, scrabble and sentence building games. It gives you the options to write text and search a range of dictionaries and thesauruses. D3 Collaboration Literacy Tool is a great, interactive way to help children and young adults improve their literacy and confidence.
  • GEOGRAPHY TOOLS : It셲 important to teach children what셲 out there in the world. Our Geography Tool gives teachers and students the power to explore the world from their classrooms. Access geographical data, Google Maps, weather symbols, and thermometers with the touch of a screen.
  • SCIENCE TOOLS : Science is organized knowledge. That셲 why our Science Tool comes equipped with plenty of useful tools to explain the amazing in a structured, logical way. Whether you want to explain the periodic table of elements or create and interact with a circuit; our Science Tool lets you worry less about presenting, so you can concentrate on teaching what셲 important.
  • POLLING TOOLS : All of our Subject Tools are compatible with our Polling Tool function. Pose questions to the class and get instant feedback from everyone in the room. Test their knowledge and see what they know. The Polling Tool lets teachers gauge levels of understanding, gives everyone a voice and adds excitement to every lesson. Choose from six types of polling configurations that suit every subject.


D3 Collaboration has many uses. Use it to create and present lessons, gather quick feedback and to interact with your audiences in a more engaging and inclusive way.


There셲 no need to worry about cross platform integration. Whether your education institute or school has their own devices or a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, the D3 Collaboration is compatible for use with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android devices.


Including: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hebrew, Danish, Korean and many more.



Enhanced multi-pen and multi-touch capabilities means users can simultaneously use and manipulate a variety of tools.


Students can view live lessons, respond, share their content, take notes, and save presentations and homework for review, using any tablet, laptop or connected device. .


Multi-disciplined interface with over 70 interactive tools to create unique and powerful presentations.



Using D3 Collaboration makes any lesson truly interactive, letting users quickly navigate to both offline and online content, collaborate during lessons, bring existing resources to life and include everyone in the classroom. It is the only locally installed solution in the world that offers 70+ subject specific tools for teaching, 8 polling questions & tablet collaboration over a Local Area Network. It truly is an intuitive piece of software.


Extend your D3 Collaboration lesson beyond a single, solitary whiteboard. Create your lesson, present and display your content directly to the screens of up to 40 other devices. Using our D3 Collaboration teaching software students become more engaged in lessons and can interact with lesson content easier. They can submit homework and answer, take notes and you can share annotations with them.



Gather rich, tangible data in an instant with the easy-to-use polling options offered by D3 Collaboration.


Gauge and monitor your students progress through our Polling Tool function. Pose questions to the class and get instant feedback and results from up to 40 connected devices. Choose from six types of polling configurations, which allow you to ask anything from multiple to open ended questions. Collect and collate the results and then present them easily. Assess students learning progress in lesson or perform a more detailed, report driven analysis after lesson.

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