The touch table with a difference

Our T series multi-functional Touch Table is designed with communication in mind. Whether it鈥檚 in the classroom or a commercial area, our T series Interactive Touch Table allows users to collaborate on projects and navigate information with ease. The T series has our Direct Bonding and PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology that gives it an unmatched durability and touch precision. Users can work in a group or view media individually on up to four separate screens with the help of our 4PIP (Picture in Picture) know-how. The T series is also fully height adjustable and allows you to save up to four different height settings. Its crisp display, water resistance and anti-glare screen allow you to work, play or teach in any setting.


  • UHD LED Display
  • PCAP Touch Sensor (50 Multi-touch Points)
  • Adjustable Height Settings
  • Direct Bonding Technology
  • 180潞 Screen Rotation
  • Dual Operating System (OS) Support






Our T series multi-functional Touch Table is built for a range of uses and market sectors. From the school classroom to the hotel lobby and airport terminal, our T series Touch Table is built with versatility in mind. Whether you鈥檙e passing on useful information to your clients in a showroom via interactive displays, teaching a class of students or displaying an interactive advertisement in an airport terminal 鈥 you can be sure that the T series will help you convey your message in an engaging and interactive way.


The T Series Touch Table鈥檚 rounded edges and modern, sleek design make it an attractive but ergonomic interactive solution for most commercial and educational settings. Our EZ OPS (Open Pluggable Spec) is placed on the underside of the table to avoid unintentional knocks or damage. Our Home Key is also centered to allow users to turn the T Series on and off with ease. The Home Key also lets users access the OSD (On-Screen Display) 鈥 this allows our users to switch between input sources and change the OS (Operating System) with the touch of a screen.


Our PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology couples the resilience needed for everyday use with the precision required for even the most delicate of projects or user interactions. PCAP is a matrix of sensors built into the screen. This helps to protect the touch sensors from dust, dirt and temperature changes that sometimes effect other more traditional touch sensors. It offers an unparalleled touch accuracy and a stronger more durable screen which means that it is well suited to most education or commercial setting.


Our T series has our Direct Bonding technology. This simply means that the screen and panel are directly bonded to each other, leaving no airgap between the two. The advantages of Direct Bonding are that screen reflection is lessened, fogging is nonexistent and the panel becomes much stronger and resistant to shattering.