Our Flagship G Series Interactive Flat Touch Display personifies who we are and what we do as an organization. It comes fully compatible with our EZ Technology that allows you to present, collaborate and convey your ideas with ease. It鈥檚 also built to last, with our Monster Glass coming as standard. It also features our unique Home Key that lets you navigate between OS systems, change input sources and adjust the screen settings in a few simple touches. Its slim design and streamline bezel frame makes it the perfect addition to any boardroom, meeting space or classroom.



  • UHD LED display
  • HDMI 2.0 / Display Port
  • SR (Super resolution)
  • Touch sensor : IR multi-touch / 20 touch points
  • Full touch OSD
  • BLU (Back light unit) control
  • HOME Button
  • Dual OS support : Windows and Android
  • Monster Glass

Android OS

Our G series is Android OS compatible. Using Android as an operating system allows our users to stay nimble by giving them the power and freedom to use some of the most innovative applications on the market. Whether its business, education or a mixture of both 鈥 our users can be sure that our G Series Interactive Flat Touch Display (IFTD) provides them with a smooth touchscreen interactive experience.

Home Key & Touch OSD

The greatest ideas are sometimes some of the simplest. Our home key, like all magnificent things, is very simple. It allows our users to switch between input sources and OS systems at the touch of a button and then the touch of a screen; giving your presentations flow and flexibility.

In addition to this, we鈥檝e also made our G series compatible with our EZ Buttons. These allow the user to navigate with ease and to tab their own custom media content, that鈥檚 accessible at the touch of a button. Whether you鈥檙e presenting in business or using the G series as an educational aid, you can be sure that it will help you to present with confidence, ease and flexibility.

EZ Connect Technology

Our G series Interactive Flat Touch Display (IFTD) is compatible with our full suite of EZ Connect Technology. This includes our EZ Pen, EZ Box, EZ Holder, EZ Buttons, EZ OPS, and EZ Sound Bar. Our EZ Connect Technology provides our clients with limitless possibilities to customize their displays and content and to engage in an innovative way with their audiences.

4K Image & 60Hz motion

Our G series 60hz gives you the capacity to present or play in Ultra High Definition. With our G Series Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) we offer the highest image quality (4K), reduced motion blur and high motion quality (60Hz).

Live 4 PIP screen

Variety is the spice of life. Our live 4 PIP (Picture in Picture) feature allows you to display 4 different input source screens in real time. You can also use both Android OS and Windows OS simultaneously. This nifty feature gives you the ability to display multiple media from multiple devices at the same time with ease.


Our Monster Glass gives our Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) the strength and durability needed for everyday life in the office, classroom or commercial environment. Our Monster Glass can withstand even the toughest bumps, bangs and scratches. Its anti-fogging and shatterproof design also means that it can perform well in the most humid of environments.

Safety: ROUNDED ANGLES & protective film

Safety always comes first. We realize that sometimes a classroom can be a hectic place where learning and fun meet. So we designed our G series with this in mind. Our G series is built for safety and built to last. The corners and edges of the display are curved and rounded off and the screen is made with our Monster Glass, which is both shatter proof, scratch resistant and anti-fogging. Our Monster Glass also contains a protective film that can withstand the everyday scratches, bumps and bashes from even the most hyperactive of 鈥渓ittle monsters鈥.