Digital Signage has transformed the landscape of how we view and interact with advertising content and information delivery systems. Digital signage is a brave new world and we at D3 are very much at the forefront of this advertising revolution. Our latest innovations in the Digital Signage industry are our Mirror Display and Transparent Display.



  • Full HD display
  • Ultra HD
  • The D3 70鈥 / 84鈥 portrait LED displays
  • Mirror Display
  • Transparent Display

Mirror Display

We believe like any good advertising our Digital Signage should help you make an impact. Our Mirror Displays let you convey your message in clear, stunningly crisp Ultra HD resolution. Our Mirror Displays also contain our PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology that, as well as being crisp in design, is also touch interactive, touch sensitive and incredibly resilient. The sleek design of the mirror also means our Mirror Display can integrate perfectly with both modern and more traditional interiors. When made inactive the Mirror Display is discreetly disguised as a conventional mirror.

Transparent Display

Glass is part of our everyday life. It鈥檚 see-through, unobtrusive and everywhere. It鈥檚 in shop fronts, museum displays, subway stations and work spaces. We at D3 see all this space as a missed opportunity to interact with your audiences in an imaginative way. Our revolutionary Transparent Displays give glass a use beyond the obvious.

Using our Transparent Displays users can view what is shown on the glass while still being able to see through it. There are no cables, nor does it have a back cover to spoil the view. It鈥檚 there when needed, but unobtrusive and inconspicuous when not. It can be installed with ease in both modern and more traditional settings.