The G series Interactive Flat Touch Display (IFTD) is our flagship model. It incorporates the very essence of what we do as an organization. It was built to make classes more effective and meetings more productive. It’s compatible with our full suite of EZ Connect Technologies and runs at 4K resolution. The Home key and Touch OSD (On Screen Display) improve the user experience. Our IR (Infrared) touch system allows up to 20 touch points and enables our users to work simultaneously on the same screen. It also supports simultaneous Android and Windows operating systems, eliminating platform barriers. If you’re in a meeting or teaching in the classroom, our G series IFTD allows you to convey your message with effectiveness, efficiency and flare.

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Premium Model

Our B Series Interactive Flat Touch Display (IFTD) is built for business. It’s our Premium IFTD and incorporates our PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology; a matrix of sensors that are built into the screen enabling the highest touch accuracy and 50 simultaneous touch points. Our Direct Bonding technology also gives our B Series unparalleled strength and durability while still allowing it to maintain a sleek, slim-lined look. Make every meeting more organized, more productive and hassle-free.

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Economy Model

Our S series Interactive Flat Touch Display (IFTD) is built for purpose. It’s our cost effective Interactive Flat Touch Display choice for primary, secondary and tertiary education institutes. It’s built with our Monster Glass that makes the screen impregnable to the scratches, bumps and bashes of everyday life in the classroom. The frame is rounded and the S Series is compatible with our EZ Education technology. If you’re on a budget or just simply going for a cost-effective solution, the S series is the perfect option.

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Interactive Touch Table

Our T series multi-functional Touch Table is designed with communication in mind. Whether it’s in the classroom or commercial area our T series Interactive Touch Table allows the users to collaborate on projects and navigate information with ease. The T series has our Direct Bonding and PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology that gives it an unmatched durability and touch precision. Users can work in a group or view media individually on up to four separate screens with the help of our 4PIP (Picture in Picture) know-how. The T series is also fully height adjustable and allows you to save up to four different height settings. Its crisp display, water resistance and antiglare screen allow you to work, play or teach in any setting.

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