With our EZ Buttons you can quickly and conveniently tab and navigate between programs, folders and settings with just the touch of a button.
Our EZ Buttons come with four fixed, preprogrammed tabs (home, internet, folders and control panel) and four completely optional tabs chosen by the user, which can be changed at any time.

EZButton Side04


Our EZ Buttons not only lets you navigate quickly through four preprogrammed tabs, but also four tabs of your choice. These tabs allow the user to open programs at the touch of a button. Users have a choice of four preset tabs (Home, Web Browser, Files and Settings) and an additional choice of 4 user-selected tabs that can be set to quickly open any program on the computer. These can also be changed and edited at any time.



Our EZ Buttons are compatible with our Flagship G Series Interactive Flat Touch Displays (IFTD). The EZ buttons also act as a charging and pairing unit for the pen. The EZ Buttons slot into the USB ports on either side of our Flagship G Series and hug neatly against the bezel.