D3 Booth ISE 2017

ISE 2017: Mission Complete

ISE 2017 saw over 1,100 exhbitors and over 70,000 attendees visit the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. It also saw the launch of our new PCAP range and EZ Presenter business collaboration software, both of which caused quite a stir among our guests. Our new ranges offer two new IFTDs (Interactive Flat Touch Displays) to our line-up: the BD Series and the BA Series.

Both the BA & BD Series have built in Harman/Kardon speakers and come in sizes ranging from 55鈥 to 86鈥. They also both have dual OS (Android & Windows) and come in 4K. The only difference being that the BD is direct-bonded and the BA has an air gap.

As well as our new PCAP models we also showcased some of our new business software solutions. Our home-grown EZ Presenter business software, with two-way a touch feature, and Intel Unite developed by our partners Intel. Both proved to be a hit and an intuitive way of collaborative in the office.

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